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Autumn New Arrivals

Jellycat A Monster Called Pip Book Jellycat A Monster Called Pip Book
In stock
Jellycat A Monster Called Pip Book Monsters should be scary, but what happens if they're just, well, cute? A Monster Called Pip is a kooky story about standing out, doing your best and accepting yourself for who you are. Bright and bold in a textured hardback, with stunning pictures and happy rhymes, it's monster fun for little readers. Size: 29 x 22cm
Jellycat Brambling Mouse Jellycat Brambling Mouse
In stock
Jellycat Brambling Mouse Shy little sweetheart Brambling Mouse has a podgy pumpkin for a house! This diddy darling has petal ears and the softest, stretchiest beigey fur. When this pal is tired, they curl up snug inside their bright orange home. With a gorgeous green stalk and squishy segments, it's just the right size for mice! Suitable from birth. Size: 18 x 13cm
Jellycat Forest Fauna Bear Jellycat Forest Fauna Bear
In stock
Jellycat Forest Fauna Bear Welcome, welcome! Forest Fauna Bear is having a housewarming, though this quilted hideaway is cosy already! This proud little pal has stretchy praline fur and lives in a gorgeous green tufty-soft tree! Popping in and out of the butterscotch lining, this wanderer's settled down nicely! Suitable from birth. Size: 19 x 14cm
Jellycat Forest Fauna Frog Jellycat Forest Fauna Frog
In stock
Jellycat Forest Fauna Frog Forest Fauna Frog was excited to find such a fine scarlet toadstool! With a sturdy suedey stalk and squishy cranberry cap, it's just the spot to curl up for a snooze. This stretch mossy sweetie bounced out of the pond to claim this speckled nook all for themselves! Suitable from birth. Size: 21 x 11cm
Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie
In stock
Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie Fun-Guy Ozzie is very proud of that squishy freckled tangerine cap! It goes so well with a golden bow and tiny curly shoes! Ozzie's buttercream belly and bobbly tail are often seen bopping to the fairy disco. And after the party, this diddy chum loves to doze beneath the trees! Suitable from birth. Size: 17 x 7cm
Jellycat Nauticool Spotty Seal Jellycat Nauticool Spotty Seal
In stock
Jellycat Nauticool Spotty Seal Nauticool Spotty Seal is a fine freckled friend, keen to bark hello! Huggably tubby in sorbet-pink fur, with a pastel-pink bib and curious eyes, this bouncy buddy loves playing at the beach! From inky nose to squidgy flippers, this spotty seal takes the sand by storm! Suitable from birth. Size: 8 x 13cm
Jellycat Rock-a-Bye Mouse Jellycat Rock-a-Bye Mouse
In stock
Jellycat Rock-a-Bye Mouse Tiptoe gently and whisper quietly so you don't wake Rock-a-Bye Mouse. A precious pip, this tiny tot has petal ears, a peaceful face and a cosy cocoa onesie. Snoozing softly in a cream cordy basket, this mini mouse can be picked up and cuddled, then placed back down to carry on dreaming. Suitable from birth. Size: 19 x 9cm
Jellycat Wrapabat Brown Jellycat Wrapabat Brown
In stock
Jellycat Wrapabat Brown Wrapabat Brown is very clever. Whenever it's chilly, this bright little bat wraps both wings round like a cosy cape! Merry in velvety mushroom fur, with fudgy stitch wings and a handy velcro patch, this leaf-eared lovely is always ready for a nice sleep, upside-down! Suitable from birth. Size: 16 x 6cm


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